Belmont Kids

Our Sunday morning Belmont Kids classes (Birth - 4th grade) are meeting in person. Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions.


Nursery through 4th grade meet on the Lower level. You are welcome to keep your children with you during worship. They will be dismissed to come to children's church after worship.

First Time Attendees: (Birth-4th Grade) – An adult must accompany new child to class, where a Quiet Call number will be issued. Adult must present Quiet Call card in order to obtain child after assembly.

Maintaining the health of our Children. Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy place for the children. We disinfect toys and furniture in the early childhood rooms between each assembly and after the last assembly. For this reason, it is critical that parents pick-up children at the scheduled close of each assembly.

We are unable to accept children with signs of a cold, fever, rash, persistent cough, diarrhea, or any other sign of illness.

Registration:  All children, birth-4th grade, who regularly attend Sunday or Wednesday programs, must be registered with us. Registration forms, including Medical Releases, are readily available in each division/class. No mail-out/email information will be sent unless child is registered. One form can accommodate an entire family (there are spaces to list all children). You may pick up a form from either of our kid’s welcome desks.

Safety & Security Nursery Only: Kiddie-Keepers, a creative security system, is implemented. One part of the kiddie-keeper is clipped to the child’s clothing and the matching piece goes to the parent/guardian. When the parent/guardian returns, they must show this matched clip in order to obtain their child.

All Classes: Each child is issued a Quiet-Call Number at the time of registration. This enables the Children’s Ministries staff to contact the parent in case of illness, accidents, or the inability to console the child. Children’s Ministries reserves the right to require parent/guardian, or those authorized in writing by parent/guardian, to show child’s Quiet Call card upon request at time of pick-up.

Baptism: We believe that baptism should occur after a child has come into relationship with Jesus Christ, age is not necessarily a factor in the spiritual development of God. We would love to be a part of your child’s baptism. One of our pastors will meet with your child when you when you sense that your child desires water baptism, or your child has asked to be baptized. After your counseling appointment, a joint decision is made regarding the scheduling or delay of water baptism for your child.

God places the lonely in families.  We get to help.

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Contact Information:

Phone: 615-767-5333
Email: [email protected]