Vision & Values

Our vision statement: To be a community that follows Jesus, equips disciples, and advances the Kingdom in Nashville and the world. 

Our vision is anchored by four core values:


WORSHIP: We believe God alone is worthy of worship and we find our true fulfillment when our lives are given completely to Him.

COMMUNITY: We resolve to love one another as Jesus loved us, building one another up in unity through the Holy Spirit.


DISCIPLESHIP: We affirm the authority of Scripture and the priority of prayer, and we aspire to walk daily in the ways of Jesus.

MISSION: We proclaim the good news of Jesus to those both near and far, and share our faith in word and deed, that all might come to saving faith in Him.


Our (Values) Distinctives

The Belmont Church distinctives have been embedded by the Lord as a special DNA strand for Belmont Church.

  • The Word of God as our ultimate authority
  • Celebratory and intimate worship of the Lord
  • Walking in relationship in community/small groups
  • Experiencing life in the Holy Spirit and current-day spiritual gifts
    properly balanced with the study and application of God s Word
  • Generosity: lavish giving to God’s purposes
  • Pursuit of a lifestyle of discipleship and prayer
  • Being a reconciling force in the body of Christ
  • Impacting our culture for Jesus through music and the arts
  • World outreach focused on the "10/40 window"
    and unreached people groups
  • Ministry to the poor, widows, and orphans
  • Being a sanctuary where the wounded may be healed
    and grow to maturity
  • Commitment to Israel and the Jewish people
  • Baptism by immersion of believers and weekly
    observance of the Lord’s Supper
  • Commitment to nurturing marriage and family life