Worship and the Arts

Worship has many faces within the family of Belmont. Whether we gather around outreach, mission, teaching, or fellowship—our aim is to be passionate, genuine, and authentic in our musical and artistic expressions of worship. It’s less about a style and more about engaging!

We believe worship is the whole of our lives being lived out in surrender to God, and serving others faithfully as Jesus did. Being located at the center of Historic Music Row; surrounded by colleges, professionals, and the inner city, affords us the unique privilege and responsibility of impacting our community, and world. We take this seriously and count it a blessing, praying for wisdom to be fruitful and effective.


As a Worship and Arts Ministry

Our desire is first to help creative people encounter the very real and living God, through worship, relationships, and community. From there we encourage one another in the journey of becoming the people and artists God has made us to be, in whatever ways we can.

We are open to the gifts of the Spirit, and invite the leading and interruption of The Holy Spirit every time we meet. We also strive to walk in wisdom and order—honoring God’s word, and those He’s placed in leadership as stewards and priests of Belmont Church.

As Worship Leaders

We focus our own hearts and lives on honoring the Lord, then helping those who gather to worship to unite in humble and honest praise, with a spirit of thanksgiving.

As a Family

We desire to be changed by the time we spend in the presence of God, and with our family members—reflecting His compassion, love, and mercy for people. We pray for His kingdom to come and will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

We have enjoyed a great history as a family and look to Christ alone for our future!


The theme of the painting I created on Sunday was the central theme of Pentecost. I wanted to show the disciples all being together as one, so I created a representation of twelve (representing also the whole of Believers) kneeling in worship in a circle. As they came together in unity seeking God the Holy Spirit came as tongues of fire on their heads and as a rushing wind.

I gave representation to each of those with twelve flames and then the movement of the wind encircling them. The sprinkling of golden yellow added in the end is suggesting the presence of the glory of God. To me this is all a reminder of the obedience of those to come and wait as Jesus commanded, the worship in that act of obedience, and then the fulfillment of God’s promise to come fill them with His Spirit. It then also becomes a reminder to me to come and wait, to come and seek, to come and receive His Spirit - and this not only myself, but the importance of this waiting, seeking, and receiving as the whole Body of Christ unified as one Temple for His dwelling!

It becomes my prayer that as we are filled, just as Solomon’s Temple was once filled with God’s presence so that the cloud overflowed, and just as the Disciples were filled so that the Spirit overflowed in them as joy and proclamation of the Gospel, that we also would be filled with His Spirit to overflowing making His glory known in the earth!